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We just love to bake!

The new version of Snickerdoodles was established in the Summer of 2021

by local Hampstead residents Michele Alessi and Jack Massicot.


We wanted to not only bring back but enhance the idea of a comfortable, fun, kitschy place for friends and family together over a cup of coffee and a little something special from the oven.



Although under new ownership, Snickerdoodles promises to continue making some of the classic favorites from the original menu crafted by Rob and Julia Gonzalez including their famous chocolate eclairs, Hamantaschen, Almond croissants and more!


In addition to these wonderful classics we will be sharing some new and exciting recipes including more gluten-free and sugar-free items as well as some delicious new savory breakfast and lunch offerings.


Snickerdoodles is also happy to announce the newly established “Naked Monkey Lounge” where we will be featuring local musicians, writers, arts and crafts and cooking lessons and more.


Thank you so much for your continued support and we look forward to serving you and our wonderful Community for many years to come.

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